27 March 2017

My charity shop Loubs!

Happy charity buyer

Time: 10 minutes
Cost: About £25
Joy Factor: 9 ( Pain Factor: 8)  

So there I was, on a wet Tuesday morning with a couple of work deadlines looming and no milk for coffee. As I dashed to the corner shop, I glanced in the window of the Marie Curie charity shop and stopped dead in my tracks.


It couldn’t be. Christian Louboutin shoes…black chiffon with a peep toe, complete with sexy red soles.

Charity shop loubs Nose squashed against the window , mouth open, I gazed at them. They couldn’t be real and if they were they wouldn’t be my size.

I ventured in and picked them up, gently, like I was rescuing a baby bird that’s fallen from its nest. They looked authentic (mind you I ain’t no Loub expert). I checked that Paris and Louboutin were spelled correctly and admired the beautiful little elastic-y bit inside the heel designed to help the fit….I can’t imagine fakes would have that.

The red soles were a bit scuffed but perfect on the heels. To use the jargon of vintage clothing gurus, they looked gently worn– like they’d been to a couple of really good parties, but not any trips to B&Q.   The price was a very reasonable £25. So far so bargain. But they looked pretty small. I checked the size with a sinking stomach…37

Charity shop loubs

Little elastic-y bit

But hey, something as insignificant as the wrong size wasn’t going to stop me. I channeled Cinderella’s ugly sisters, both of them, whipped off my trainers, socks and shoved in my size 38s. My toes peeped out slightly too far but they almost fitted…enough to buy them. I begged the nice woman in the shop to hold on to them while I ran (yes ran) to the cash machine.

When I got them home I forgot all about the deadlines and paraded about in my new shoes. They are a bit higher than my normal heel (about 3 inches) and a bit sore and I can only manage a Dick-Emery-in-drag kinda totter.

Charity shop loubs

Toes slightly over-peeping

Whether I’ll ever wear them out in public remains to be seen. I expect I’ll need a taxi to trail me all evening, and perhaps a walking stick. But who cares…they are LOUBS!!

Charity shops are one of life’s little pleasures. You never know what you’ll pick up. I always find at least one book, often a DVD and have been known to come home with a hat, bag, jacket, dress, a jigsaw, some artist paints, a tea set and now LOUBS!!  Although I draw the line at vintage pants.

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Hi, my name is Jill. I live in Glasgow and work in PR, from a home office. I love the cinema, yoga, lunch with friends, travel, writing, talking about getting down to 9 stone 4 pounds, wine, pizza, cakes, Miss Marple, buying stuff, chucking out stuff and writing. Jill x

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Louise Reply

Well I told Georgia about this today and she had to be physically restrained from dashing to nearest chairty shop, silly girl. She is seriously impressed and not a little jealous. Kudos to you for making an 18 year old wish she was you!!

Lynn Harris Reply

Hi Jill,

Well done you! Love the shoes 👠

I can definitely vouch for the benefits of charity store ‘popping in’, especially the same Marie Curie shop! I’ve had quite a few serendipitous moments in there myself!

Loving your new blog. Will follow with interest.

See you soon.


    Jill Reply

    Hi Lynn
    Thanx so much for your comment and follow.
    I am still getting to grips with blogging.
    Love the Marie Curie shop. Many a bargain!

Margaret Reply

So I’m a size 37 😂

    Jill Reply

    Haha Margaret. There was another pair in the window the next day but size 3. Just couldn’t squash in to them x

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