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29 April 2017

A Comfy but Hideous Cardi

  We’ve all got at least one (well I hope we all do, or that makes me a bit odd)…a comfy but hideous cardi, that we hide from the world.  Generally it’ll be ancient. It probably has holes. It might even smell a bit. And we would never, ever, ever be seen wearing it in […]

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27 March 2017

My charity shop Loubs!

Charity shop loubs

So there I was, on a wet Tuesday morning with a couple of work deadlines looming and no milk for coffee. As I dashed to the corner shop, I glanced in the window of the Marie Curie charity shop and stopped dead in my tracks. NO!!. It couldn’t be. Christian Louboutin shoes…black chiffon with a peep toe, […]

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