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1 July 2017

Let’s talk about complaining

5 MINUTE READ I like to think that I’m a good complainer (some might say, moaner). I know it’s not one of life’s most endearing traits – no one puts in on their LinkedIn or dating profile …but  it does come in handy sometimes. However, I’m sure I’m not alone in noticing it’s got more […]

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13 May 2017

3 must-have gadgets…and arguing with my Sat Nav

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Gadgets…dontcha just love ’em. But then again, they can be so annoying that they trigger a nervous twitch.  Here’s my 3 fav gadgets…and some I’d like to throw on the floor and jump up and down on. FAVS… GHD Straighteners Whoever invented these deserve at least a Nobel Prize and […]

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22 April 2017

Blog envy …will write for pizza or Chanel

Since I started blogging a few people have asked me…so how do you make money blogging?   To which, I smile knowingly, and whisper…errrrrmm, I don’t. Truth is I do it for the love of writing and in the hope of giving someone (mainly me) a chuckle – awww nice. But hey, some people (average age […]

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