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How To Do A City Break

5 Minute Read Who doesn’t love a city break. They are short and sweet, not too expensive, and if you time it well – Friday morning to Monday evening – your boss, clients or kids won’t even notice you’ve gone. Don’t know if you caught Rick Stein’s Long Weekends (BBC2), but I think Rick (who […]

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What’s a 1 day Juice Detox REALLY like

 5 Minute Read Forget the economy, the last month or two has seen my Pizza, Prosecco and Victoria Sponge consumption on the rise …and, surprise, the scales aren’t far behind Time for some decisive action! So, when I read The Juice Garden’s One Day Summer Cleanse (£22) questions… Do I want to- Reset some of my […]

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27 March 2017

John Malkovich’s granny’s carrot cake

You know one of those days that is so annoying or frustrating that doing something positive – like yoga or a walk or moaning to a friend – just doesn’t cut it. The sort of day where you’ve spent an hour on the phone questioning your eye-watering utility bill only to find out that you’ve […]

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