2 April 2017

A Solitary Afternoon Movie – with Revels

Time: 150 minutes
Cost: About £14 including ticket, G&T and Revels
Joy Factor: 8

Sneaking off to see a movie on an afternoon feels just downright naughty – like bunking school or slinging a sickie: the rest of the world is busy working, commuting, cooking, while you’ve simply opted out.

Turning a visit to the cinema into a joy packed experience is down to two things – the timing and cinema. The movie itself is pretty incidental. If it’s good then you’ve hit the jackpot. If it’s a duffer then you can still find some joy in being the right place at the right time and enjoy some brain-numbing time out.

The perfect time is 4.10pm on a rainy midweek afternoon, when there is nothing else pressing in your life for the next two and half hours. There’s nothing as decadent (well not in my life anyway) as going into a cinema when it’s light and coming out when it’s dark.   Choosing the right cinema is also vital. I can’t stand multi-storey multiplexes and their gag-inducing smell of hot dogs, giant packets of Revels and buckets of Coke.  Note to Multiplex Marketing people…Stop it!! We’re a nation of Type 2 Diabetics!!  And inside isn’t much better, with endless adverts and a sound system so loud you long for some earwax.  

The Grosvenor

Well, since you ask, my favourite cinema is http://grosvenorwestend.co.uk a mere ten minutes walk from home. Yeah, the seats are comfy and the screen great and the sounds all Dolby-ish….yawn. But, the reason it’s the perfect spot for a sneaky afternoon movie is the adjacent bar, where I will happily pay for a well-made gin and slim.

Revels (normal size 169 calories)  are pre-purchased and rattling about quietly in my handbag.


Hi, my name is Jill. I live in Glasgow and work in PR, from a home office. I love the cinema, yoga, lunch with friends, travel, writing, talking about getting down to 9 stone 4 pounds, wine, pizza, cakes, Miss Marple, buying stuff, chucking out stuff and writing. Jill x

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Louise Reply

Hi Jill,
I have to say as I know you are a woman of discernment that I am amazed you prefer Revels over Minstrels. And surely a wee bag of pretzels is a more tasty and joyful pleasure with a G&T, than said sweets? However, each to their own. x

    Jill Reply

    Haha. Delighted to know I get Georgia’s thumbs up.
    G&T first, then the Revels (Minstrels are so predictable).

Wendy Smith Reply

Yes, Yes, Yes, Jill, I am completely with you on the joyousness of a sneaky, spontaneous visit to The Grosvenor of a wet afternoon accompanied only by a small libation. But the film for me has to be a good drama or have a decent feel good factor (’45 Years’ felt exactly that and I cried all the way through ‘Still Alice’). I don’t want to come out feeling grumpy and wishing I’d just stayed at home and watched Countdown. Wendy x

Mel G Reply

The film has to avoid the 4/10 to 6/10 standard.

The better or worse the movie then more to discuss after the showing.

The visit should take place without any alcohol in order to avoid taking full advantage of the darkness to catch up on lack of sleep.

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