27 March 2017

John Malkovich’s granny’s carrot cake

Time: 20 minutes

Cost: £5.50
Joy Factor: 8/10 

You know one of those days that is so annoying or frustrating that doing something positive – like yoga or a walk or moaning to a friend – just doesn’t cut it. The sort of day where you’ve spent an hour on the phone questioning your eye-watering utility bill only to find out that you’ve been on a ridiculously high electricity tariff for the last year (I am talking to you Scottish Power). Or you dashed out for a sandwich and the delivery guy chose that three-minute window to arrive. Or your boiler has gone phut.

On days like this, the only thing that will guarantee a brief injection of joy is a A BIG FAT CAKE

Me eating

So, on such days, I kiss goodbye to my  Mac and head off to the cake counter at Delizique where I stare for a while, sometimes dribbling, and deliberate.

Now, in my expert opinion (and believe me, I know my cakes), Frosted Courgette & Lemon Cake or Chilli Polenta Cake with Orange Zest are all very well but you can’t beat a generous slice of Victoria Sponge and a nice cup of tea. It’s just so lovely and predictable and conjures up The Famous Five, The 70s, Mr Kipling.

Occasionally, however, something else does tickle my fancy, like John Malkovich’s Granny’s Carrot Cake (apparently… so the legend goes…while being interviewed, John – as I like to think of him – made his granny’s carrot cake, and gave the recipe to the journalist, who passed it on to her friend, who is Delizique’s chief baker).

John’s granny’s cake

Could you resist? Not just the cake, but the intoxicating sprinkle of celebrity stardust (not sprinkled on the actual cake – obvs). During the five minutes it took me to guzzle it, it was like being John’s friend, well maybe a  friend of the Malkovich friend.

It was lovely and moist and big and I felt instantly better.



Hi, my name is Jill. I live in Glasgow and work in PR, from a home office. I love the cinema, yoga, lunch with friends, travel, writing, talking about getting down to 9 stone 4 pounds, wine, pizza, cakes, Miss Marple, buying stuff, chucking out stuff and writing. Jill x

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